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The Women’s Code is a system of courses, coaching and live events that shows women a new way to achieve career and personal success, balance and happiness. The strategies, tools and ideas in The Women’s Code are what will lead you to phenomenal success. I will share my secrets for transformation which are easy, fun and can fit into the busy life you lead today.

I turned my own life around against monumental odds. After struggling for years as a divorced single mother trying to make ends meet, with no support system, and suffering with $135,000 in debt, I discovered an entirely new way of thinking about career and family -- The Women's Code.

This new way of thinking about life makes it possible to balance your work life and your family life and allows you to achieve monumental success just like I did, eventually selling my company to Bill Gates, and turning my life completely around.

I want to share with you the results of my struggles and my knowledge. The Women’s Code provides a results-oriented, step-by-step, non-judgmental process that ensures that it’s achievable – for anyone, at any level.

You’ll end up MORE confident, MORE clear, MORE satisfied, MORE supported and definitely much HAPPIER!

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