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It is very important to me that each and every woman who discovers The Women’s Code has an experience that immediately helps her to find a better work-life balance or a little bit more happiness. For that reason, I have created Balance Training that is available at no cost to all readers of the book. But, because we know that it’s a lot more fun to do any kind of training with a group of girlfriends we thought you might like to become a Balance Training Facilitator. For this reason I recorded a video just for you.

Please watch this video first:

Below are the materials that you might find helpful in making your book discussion a very lively one.


Please download and review this Book Club Facilitator Outline first.

Please download these handouts for your book club:

Please click on the video below to view The Women's Code Balance Training

What we will talk about in your Free Balance Training:

Identify what is going on in your life right now.
What are you balancing? What is a main focus, and how is setting one going to help you instantly.

(Life) Balance Plan overview and creation.
Put some fun back in your life in 15 minutes or less!

Follow these simple strategies to get back to a more balanced you in the next half hour.

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