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Four Areas of Women Growth

The Four Most Important Areas of Women Growth

Our goal is to give you the tools, tips and techniques to advance faster in your career, grow and scale your business, and become the influential leader you can be.

At the Women’s Code, we support balanced leadership. We work with leaders directly or organizations who want to achieve their equality goals in leadership and show a clear path to career success for their team members.  You are invited to participate. Please indicate the area(s) of interest and you’ll get a free gift from me delivered right away.

Career Advice

In this category, we give you insights into career advancement and tips on how to get noticed at work. Women are great leaders but we don’t lead like men. And frankly, male leadership needs an overhaul, too. Define your innate leadership style and dive into how to communicate your super skill. Our broadcasts will give you practical tips and resources on how to map out your career. Designed for women (as well as men) who work in organizations who want to gain a better understanding of what can put you on the fast track for advancement. Become a better leader through mastering problem solving and team building skills.

Equality & Inclusion

The data shows that equal, diverse and inclusive workplaces outperform those that are not. But while we know it is the right thing to do, the question remains, HOW do we do it. Most decision makers are men and we must communicate the ROI of Balanced Leadership in a clear and concise way. Here we explore strategies that work for women and for men without alienating either. Read up-to-date information on pay equity, challenges for women and minorities, the latest research on harassment problems, gender initiatives, discrimination and what the grave dangers are that you face in your organization if we don’t master this issue once and for all.

Business Building

One of my favorite topics to talk about is how do you grow, build and scale your business? Every business wants to find more and better clients and increase their bottom line. That’s a no-brainer but what are the steps you need to take to do it? Because what worked yesterday is not working today and Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business owners need to stay ahead of the curve through up-to-date insights. There is so much to cover including business building, designing repeatable processes, team building, sales, and of course, positioning yourself as problem solver to your clients. And if that made you dizzy just reading it, this is a category you probably want and definitely need.

Women’s Issues

The hard truth is that specially in the aftermath of the #metoo, #ENOUGH and #TimesUp movements, things remain challenging for women. We are facing a massive backlash, which is not a helpful mindset as we ask to humanize the workplace. Let’s discuss ways for women to master the double duties of motherhood and work, and find a better work-life balance. How about putting yourself first and communicating this clearly? This category includes insights into women’s issues, motherhood, getting it all done and taking care of yourself and more. Work-life balance is possible, as is getting from overwhelmed to awesome.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Women’s Issues, Business Development, and Career Advice

Equality Expert Beate has identified the four key areas for women to focus on for meaningful growth. Beate offers personal guidance, based on her authority in women’s leadership training, along with proven tools and insights to help women unlock their potential to provide strong leadership, better communicate within their organizations, build their businesses and manage their work-life balance.

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