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Happy Course


Here is what you are getting:

  1. Paperback copy of the book: Happy Woman Happy World.
    You will be receiving your book within 10-14 days via USPS in the mail.
  2. Balance Training consisting out of part one:
    Free Balance Handout – please download below.
  3. Balance Training consisting out of part two:
    (Life) Balance Plan – please download below.
  4. Balance Training consisting out of part three:
    10 Minute Training Video. Please watch below.
  5. 3 Videos that will be delivered daily beginning tomorrow into your inbox.
    Please make sure you have BeateChelette.com white listed in your email server(this is to ensure that you receive everything you signed up for.)
  6. Free eBook Fix Your Life In 21 Days
    Please download your copy below.

Here is your Balance Training:

Download (Life) Balance Plan

YES, you want to use both printouts for maximum benefit from your balance training.

What we will talk about in your Free Balance Training:

Identify what is going on in your life right now.
What are you balancing? What is a main focus, and how is setting one going to help you instantly.

(Life) Balance Plan overview and creation.
Put some fun back in your life in 15 minutes or less!

Follow these simple strategies to get back to a more balanced you in the next half hour.

Download your eBook: Fix Your Life in 21 Days

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