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Meet Beate


Hey, there! My name is Beate Chelette. I’m a woman, a mother, an immigrant, a U.S. citizen, a businessperson. In 2006, I sold my stock photography company to Bill Gates, the world’s most successful entrepreneur, which made me a multimillionaire.

I am the American dream.

That makes it seem as if I had it easy. But I didn’t. Not by a long shot. My life has been filled with trials – to put it mildly. Despite my many personal and professional setbacks, I never gave up.I had the audacity to keep going. I refused to believe anything could keep me from my goals.

But I had a lot of learning to do on my way to success, and I discovered hard truths about me, about living in today’s world, and about how badly women treat themselves. You see, in my life I’ve had an interesting track record. I’ve failed and succeeded on several fronts – in the workplace, in marriage, in business – but I didn’t surrender. I learned to look at myself, to forgive and move on, and eventually achieve it all without guilt. But this is not just about me: This is about you. It’s about us.

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