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In this episode with Ishu Singh, Beate shared how leadership skills can help you bring more impact to your business. Listen to the episode here.

Time to shift into a different gear. I believe that the inner must be developed so that the outer can follow. That’s why we want to support you not just with professional advice, but also with tools for your spiritual development.

What I like about Guy Finely is that he shares his ideas of being fearless which I know is a big issue for most of us. Imagine, mastering what is holding us back and losing that knot in the stomach! Take a read.

“Letting go” author Guy Finley will be presenting a one-of-a-kind workshop and intensive called  “Seeds of the Soul: The Discovery and Development of Your

Celestial Self,” and it will be LIVE STREAMED ONLINE so you can participate at home, wherever you are!

Something is happening during this year’s Summer Solstice that could transform you… and here’s how you can be a part of it.

Many of my colleagues, other leading authors and experts in the fields of relationships, consciousness, success, wholeness, and health are sharing this event so that you can start living fully, freely, and fearlessly. We support him because we are all fans of Guy and he’s helped me with his writings. He’s the real deal. And he makes it relatable.

And it all begins on Wednesday, June 21st…

Guy will deliver a series of seminal talks on the discovery and development of the soul that integrate key principles from eastern and western traditions, bringing them to life by shining new light on their hidden meaning.

He has a great way to delivered these concepts and it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced before! Learn how to let your True Self shine through, discover and begin to fulfill the true purpose of your life, and open a connection to a higher Love that will never betray you.

Guy’s live stream package includes:

  • 5 live talks
  • 2 live meditation sessions preceded by Guy’s commentary
  • Beautiful music performed by the Life of Learning Foundation choir
  • Permanent access to all of the archived video downloads so you can catch up on any of the meetings that may conflict with your schedule. Replay or download any talk, at any time, at your convenience.
  • Complete set of bonus MP3 downloads following the event to listen to whenever you want in your car, on your iPod, etc.
  • Plus, you’ll get two free digital BONUS GIFTS that you will receive instantly when you order the package:
    • Guy’s eBook “Freedom From the Ties That Bind” and an MP3 of Guy’s recent interview on Conscious Talk Radio with Rob Spears where they specifically discussed the workshop topics concerning the seeds of your soul and how to bring them to life.

Visit this link now for all the details and to register. What you discover could be the turning point of your life.

It’s worth checking it out. Again, if you feel there is an unseen barrier and you can’t figure out what it is-maybe it is time to go inside and resolve what has been holding you back.

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