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The Women’s Code Obsolete

When companies commit themselves to diverse leadership, they are more successful.
-McKinsey Research Report

The Women’s Code And The ROI of Balanced Leadership

What’s Missing?

Workplaces, processes, and systems were established and constructed by men for men, and not surprisingly, had been working very well for most men. Women’s leadership attributes are neither identified nor integrated into most companies. We still expect women to lead based on male principles. Therefore, is not surprising to see the relatively small number of women who advance to C-Level, currently at 13%.

Equality, inclusivity, and diversity issues are not always perceived as problems. Yet, declining employee engagement, now at a staggering 69%, and hostile workplaces show that women “disrupted and broke” the current system, leaving many men angry and frustrated. They also want a better work-life balance and do not want to be blamed for the system failure. In today’s workplace the old Men’s Code does not work for either women or men, which can lead to disengaged employees.

When we calculate the estimated average of disengaged employees (51% disengaged and 16% actively disengaged) you can see what this may be costing your business in lost productivity:

Salary of fully engaged employee                              = $75,000
Loss for disengaged employee (-30%)                      = -$22,500
Loss for actively disengaged (-50%)                          = -$37,500

Loss per disengaged 75k employee ranges from      -$22k to -$37k

“Companies who choose to actively integrate women into leadership are jumping ahead with an average of 15% increase in profits and increase the return on invested capital by 66%.”

McKinsey and Catalyst

How Does The Women’s Code Work?

Most organizations want a customized system upgrade that incorporates their vision, mission, and core values and works for men and women equally well.

Our objective is to co-create balance in your system, a system that was built on the pillar of established, long-standing perceived male rules, principles and tools of the old Men’s Code. We do this by upgrading the Men’s Code and adding a second pillar: The Women’s Code.

What Will The Women’s Code Do For My Organization?

To achieve balance as leaders and for our organizations we address four groups:

Group 1

Women – Inclusion

Group 2

Men – Buy-In and Participation

Group 3

Executive Leadership

Group 4

Team Functions

Reap The Benefits

  • Increase growth by attracting, hiring, and retaining the best talent
  • Foster development of diverse high potentials
  • Initiate conscious change—internally first and then, upon success, add external measures
  • Establish industry benchmarks
  • Improve Net Promoter Score
  • Garner positive publicity and exposure (example: Salesforce)
  • Overcome legacy problems

Your ROI

  • Return on Equity: Companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 53%
  • Return on Sales: Companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 42%
  • Return on Invested Capital: Companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 66%

With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all.

Caitlin Angeloff

Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign,

If improved decision making and more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of from your company’s leadership team, book Beate to speak at your next corporate event about balanced leadership. Or bring Beate in to work directly with your team for exclusive team or one-on-one executive mentoring and training.

To get started and find out what is needed in your organization so that you can achieve your people goals.

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