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Work-Life Coaching

BEATE CHELETTE: Work-Life Coaching

Work-Life Coaching
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Beate begins any session with a new client with a 90-minute to two-hour initial assessment, an “uncovery” of their lives. She delves into their present, their past, their future — what makes them happy (and what’s made them not so happy). This initial meeting is done in person or by phone (preferably visually, through Skype or another software program that allows face-to-face contact). This process is designed to find where in life a woman is — her ego-RHYTHM™ — and where she wants to go. What Beate does is find out where you are, then where you want to be, then how you get there. It doesn’t matter how steep a climb you’ve got, or where it is you want to get to, Beate will design a plan for you to reach that summit or get to that place.
Before the first coaching session, Beate asks her clients to provide her with a short list of where they are, such as:

  • Whether they’re married or single
  • If they have children (and what their children’s ages are)
  • Their work situation, and whether they’re:
    o just starting out,
    o back in the workforce,
    o looking ahead to retirement,
    o trying to find something new
    o Their top-of-the-mind goals in life

The process is, of course, confidential. Beate even provides each client with a special online file-sharing account using a program called DropBox. In this way, each client can access the notes of each session and the individual materials that Beate provides. It’s got in it everything they talk about during their sessions, so that there’s no danger of losing notes. Beate makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress.
This is an open and transparent process. Clients can discuss anything like a quick strategy for a particular problem in life, a larger picture about where she wants to go in the near or far future. And if a client has a quick question, she can arrange for a quick (and free) phone consult with Beate.
Beate provides a range of coaching opportunities.

The Women’s Code Work-Life Balance Coaching
Cost: $1,597

These 12 monthly half hour personalized one-on-one coaching sessions include the career portions of the celebrated Women’s Code Online Course. These sessions are perfect for a woman who wants to continue to move ahead in her personal life, and/or one who wants to consider changing her career entirely. Beate will also address each client’s personal goals.

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