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The Women’s Code Testimonials

The Women’s Code Testimonials

Beate Chelette is one of 50 MUST FOLLOW Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 ~ HuffPo

The Women’s Code was created to provide organizations like yours with the training, tools, and expertise to quickly make the shift from a primarily male leadership culture, to a more balanced work environment that fosters and encourages each team member to achieve greater performance for the company.

Rebecca Jenks,
Merck Executive Director SAP Competency Center at Merck

I was quite impressed and motivated by your presentation and the workshop at BOAT camp. 

Milena Erwin, MBA, CGBPProgram Manager, Women’s Business CenterEntrepreneurial Center, University of Hartford
Beate Chelette facilitated a workshop for CT women entrepreneurs and small business owners, clients of the Women’s Business Center at the University of Hartford. Her presentation style is very compelling and interactive, and she kept the audience engaged and entertained. The women in attendance, including me, walked away inspired and motivated, with a clear plan and action steps to designing their best fit client. Beate is an excellent speaker, blending her own experience as a successful entrepreneur with the stories of the many women she works with.

Brandon BarnumPresident
Beate Chelette is a powerful trainer whose personal story of passion, faith, and perseverance led to her ultimate success. Her story will inspire you to new heights and her wealth of wisdom and proven strategies will help you achieve the breakthroughs you’ve been striving for.

Linda A
I have to tell you how amazing this last session recording is. I really think it’s some of your best coaching.

Sanjida Shadeed
I just wanted to tell you that this was one of THE best seminars I took in my entire life.

Christine Bory
I’m literally hypnotized by the first four video sessions of The Women’s Code.”
What you describe has been my path. Struggling as a woman, all those long, difficult years. Everything you say is just sooooo right!

Caitlin AngeloffHead of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign,
With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all. Spending one hour listening to Beate will teach you lifelong lessons that will prove to be useful time and time again.

Leslee Alexander Founder & CEO,
I cannot thank you enough for participating in our event over the weekend. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about your presentation from the women. They really connected.

Adriana Garcia-CruzFew months ago
Yesterday during the seminar I was thinking: This woman is the authority and she is leading us… I’m proud of you and I feel proud of being a woman. Thanks for all the energy you share with us.

Karen A. ThomasCertified Etiquette Coach
Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation today at University of Hartford. There were many points that provided me a new vision to revisit several areas of my small business.

Beverly BurwaldScreenwriter
Your blueprint for achieving a goal is valuable because you’re precise. But what endures long after is your intention to help women. That genuineness of pursuit has the power to influence even from a distance.

Barb ShafferFew months ago
I really enjoyed hearing Beate’s story and how she emphasizes the 50/50% equality and how we don’t want to compete with other women, but support each other. I also thought she made a very good point about fighting for what WE want. Not what others want.

Bethany PollockFew months ago
Company performance improves with female board involvement.

Susan HeinzerothDenver, CO
Thank you for reminding us that rising to the top is about standing on each other’s shoulders.

Kari ReignerGolden, CO
It has always been baffling to me that everyone talks about how much more successful businesses are with 50/50 men/women but no one ever explains why. I think this is critical for everyone to understand so they know what they get when putting a woman vs. a man in a leadership position.

Jennifer PearceCentennial, CO
The best take away for me was the power of working with women and not competing against one another. I think women often blame men for the inequality, but by working together we can move forward together.

Alyson BeckFort Collins, CO
My favorite part was the statistics and information on how working in a balanced team not only helps women, it creates smarter teams and benefits the whole organization.

Lisa Hagenaver–WardFew months ago
Women make a difference to the bottom line. Women have unique traits that contribute enormously to success. We should support women more. Women are 50% of any successful business strategy.

James MalinchakThe Big Money Entrepreneur
Truly inspiring! Engaging! Pragmatic! Timely! A must for any organization that is serious about empowering women.

Matt LawrenceFew months ago
I love your candor and willingness to get directly to the point, and your honest desire to share your wealth of knowledge.

Maria B.Few months ago
Beate is a powerhouse of ideas who packs a lot of valuable information into her seminars.

Ross SutherlandChief Creative Officer
Beate understands more clearly than most that you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. She is unswerving. You’d best get behind her idea, or get out of the way.

Franny ArmstrongAuthor Promotion Services
Every woman should learn The Women’s Code if they wish to have a more fulfilled and successful life.

Connie PetrulaNutritionist and Health Expert
Loved having a female self-made millionaire willing to share all she has learned in the school of life. Thank you for being a woman who wants to empower others.

Renata I. Levine Few months ago
Thank you, Beate. I did find parts of the book extremely helpful, especially the Ego-Rhythm.

Bridget LyonsDenver, CO
I love ego-rhythms. I know it’s ok to embrace where I am, here and now.

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One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 -Huffington Post
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