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What is The Women’s Code?

The Women’s Code was created to provide organizations like yours with the training, tools, and expertise to quickly make the shift from a primarily male leadership culture, to a more balanced work environment that fosters and encourages each team member to achieve greater performance for the company.

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“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play
with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed
alongside the big boys.”

Beate Chelette


The Women’s Code Program

Would you like to be a part of this leadership movement that’s revolutionizing the way the world’s leading corporations work?

If improved decision making, more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of on your company’s leadership team, it’s time to take action. You can achieve this now by booking Beate to speak at your next corporate event about mastering balanced leadership, by bringing her in to work directly with your team, to benefit from exclusive team or one-on-one executive mentoring and training.
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Read Beate’s Book “Happy Woman Happy World”

In Beate’s award winning and acclaimed book, Happy Woman Happy World, she concurs that women can have it all, just not at the same time. Instead, she offers the original time-based ego-RHYTHM® concept, which allows women to delve into defining what is most important during their various stages of life. She then teaches you how to set a Main Focus, re-structure your life for a better Work-Life Balance, and put an end to the “crazy-making” lifestyle. The principles of The Women’s Code, her proprietary strategy that helps women cope, collaborate and lead are explained. Available as audio book, eBook, and printed book. For more information about the book, please go here:

The Women’s Code Is The Fourth Step Of My Growth Architecture Program

Growth Architecture is my 5-Star Success Blueprint that reveals the exact steps business owners need to follow when they want to grow, build, and scale their businesses. This is the very same system I used that resulted in selling my business to Bill Gates for multi-millions in 2006.
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Are Some Women To Blame?

Are Some Women To Blame?

Are all women innocent victims, or are some women to blame? Every case is different. That’s why in The Women’s Code we don’t judge a woman’s behavior. Rather, we encourage women to protect themselves better so they can make informed decisions ahead of time.

Beate Chelette, Founder and CEO of The Women's Code

Beate Chelette, Founder and CEO of The Women’s Code™



Companies who fail to capitalize on the growing female talent pools in their ranks are wasting precious intellectual resources, missing out on significant revenue, and ultimately falling prey to competitors, who embrace gender-diverse programs.

This Insights Paper by Beate Chelette the Founder of The Women’s Code is available as a complimentary download right here.

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