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The Women’s Code

When companies commit themselves to diverse leadership, they are more successful.
-McKinsey Research Report

What Is The Women’s Code?

Here Are The Tools From The Women’s Code For
A New Leadership Balance

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Your organization’s success can be fostered in a number of ways: through company teamwork, building better communication skills, strengthening leadership qualities, utilizing a dynamic peer network, or implementing attitude adjustment exercises. It’s vital an organization provide the best resources to support their employees in their quest for for remaining innovative and competitive.

Study after study proves that companies who are better able to fulfill their employee’s fundamental needs of ownership and passion for their jobs find bigger and faster profits as a natural side effect.

Yet, when it comes to women what we find is that women’s leadership attributes are neither identified or integrated into most companies. We still expect women to lead based on male principles in a system that was created by men for men. Therefore is not surprising to see the relatively small number of women who advance to C-Level, currently at 13%.

While most companies struggle to address gender diversity, those companies who choose to actively integrate women into leadership are jumping ahead with an average of 15% increase in profits (according to McKinsey Research) and increase the return on invested capital by 66% (according to Catalyst.)

“Dreaming will never get you to your goal. It takes a whole lot of doing.”

Linda McMahon, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration

What Working With Beate Does For Organizations

Addressing and solving the often charged gender balance issue head-on means moving toward stronger profits, a more enjoyable work environment, better work relationships, lowered stress and a superior competitive edge in the marketplace.

Based on innovative thinking and essential paradigm shifts for the 21st century, women and men in organizations trained through Beate's Women's Code tools enjoy:
  • Reduced friction between leaders
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Greater gender diversity
  • Improved ability for overcoming unconscious bias
Here are some of of the key discussion points that my speaking and training programs encourage within your teams:
  • New communication methods for the workplace for women and men
  • Effective strategies for dealing with difficult employees
  • Improving the support dynamic on your teams
  • Balanced leadership mastery – understanding female and male centric leadership attributes and using them to the team’s advantage
  • How a willingness to fail brings success
The Women’s Code new leadership balance will help your teams:
  • Build extraordinary game-plans (with purpose and vision)
  • Refine communication and strengthen self-confidence (most office issues begin with a lack of communication)
  • Achieve peak personal performance
  • Effectively balance and connect personal success (juggling mastery for family, career, relationships, and more)
  • Create a competitive spirit for the whole team to shine
  • Become more self-motivated and “own their spot on the team”
  • Embrace diversity which studies show is a side effect of increased numbers of women leaders
Companies without balanced leadership typically suffer from a combination of the following:
  • Toxic and volatile teams
  • Lost time with conflict, gossip and stress-related issues
  • A culture that fosters inequality and outdated roles for men and women
  • Men vs. women, or woman vs. woman hostilities
  • An inability to retain women employees
  • Outdated practices that discriminate
  • Bullying and bad publicity which leads to costly legal disputes

With Beate’s Women’s Code tools and strategies, we support your organization. To find out which of these are needed in your organization please fill out an Uncovery-Session.

It’s your first step on the road to being more competitive and profitable.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and compassion for humanity, Beate is an inspiration to us all. Spending one hour listening to Beate will teach you lifelong lessons that will prove to be useful time and time again.

Caitlin Angeloff
Head of Global Social Strategy and Operations at DocuSign

The Women’s Code And Balanced Leadership

If improved decision making, more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of on your company’s leadership team, book Beate to speak at your next corporate event about balanced leadership. Or bring her in to work directly with your team for exclusive team or one-on-one executive mentoring and training.

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