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Why Being Assertive For Women In Business Is Important

Taking a stand as a woman is always hard. We live in a culture where assertiveness of women is frowned upon and talked about in so many negative ways. Learn more why is assertiveness important for women in business and how this can translate to real success.

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Why Are Women Treated Differently?

When Nike supported Kaepernik, many thought it was a ballsy move. I think it was a diversion from the real issue that plagued the company — that is, the gender discrimination lawsuit lurking in the background. Learn more about this in the blog.

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How To Improve Gender Equality In The Workplace

Whenever someone brings up the changes in the modern workplace that have taken place over the last few years, they seem to instantly become the target of anger from both men and women. Read how we can improve gender equality in the workplace to make it less hostile, more inclusive, and more equal.

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