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The Women's Code: TRAINING

Training, tools, and expertise to create balanced, equal, and inclusive work environments


The workplace has hardly kept up with the 21st century. Many organizations operate on old rules, old programming, and outdated patriarchal systems. The new generation of inclusive Millennials is increasing pressure on organizations to change their culture or be left behind. Companies need to update their leadership model and they need to do it fast. In this presentation you’ll get the best of Beate’s insights and tools to achieve this new leadership balance, no matter if you’re the head of a mega-corporation or a leading a small business. It’s proven that there’s greater innovation through diverse teams, and that leads to bigger profits and a better workplace. Beate will share The Women’s Code, her system to help men and women lead, work and communicate better. This talk shows you how leadership diversity will increase collaboration, culture, and productivity to achieve more profits, success and balance in your leadership role.

A roadmap for corporate success: greater innovation through diverse teams leads to bigger profits, more recognition and a better workplace.



We approach our clients in the spirit of collaborative partnerships. We focus on supporting our client’s initiatives and programs. Here are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Our training is a combination of 1-on-1 training with key members/champions or with a designated team whose purpose it is to improve and implement your initiative
  • We provide workshops ranging from 2-day intensives to 1-year programs
  • We support existing women or gender diversity initiatives through smaller training segments, breakout sessions, and on-site speaking
  • We can create customized online training for company wide roll-outs
  • We can provide data analysis and assessments



If improved decision making, more creativity, innovation and better problem solving are appealing characteristics you’d like to see more of on your company’s leadership team, it’s time to take action now. You can achieve THIS by booking Beate to speak at your next corporate event about mastering balanced leadership, by bringing Beate in to work directly with your team, or with one-on-one executive mentoring and training.

The Women’s Code For Organizations

The Women’s Code provides organizations with the training, tools, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced, equal, and inclusive work environment that fosters engagement and encourages each team member through strength-based leadership. Our approach is modular, meaning you can pick and chose from our modules to create your customized training or workshop.

Your organization’s success can be fostered in a number of ways: through company teamwork, building better communication skills, strengthening leadership qualities, utilizing a dynamic peer network, or implementing attitude adjustment exercises. It’s vital an organization provide the best resources to support their employees in their quest to remain innovative and competitive.

Study after study proves that companies who are better able to fulfill their employee’s fundamental needs of ownership and passion for their jobs find bigger and faster profits as a natural side effect.

Yet, when it comes to women, what we find is that women’s leadership attributes are neither identified nor integrated into most organizations. We still expect women to lead based on male principles in a system that was created by men for men. Therefore, is not surprising to see the relatively small number of women advancing.

While most companies struggle to address gender diversity, we have seen that American companies who choose to actively integrate women into leadership are jumping ahead with an average of 15% increase in profits (according to McKinsey Research) and an increase in the return on invested capital by 66% (according to Catalyst).

A New Leadership Balance

Women need a different set of tools to cope, collaborate, and support each other, thereby eliminating negative competition at work. By focusing on empowering all employees through Beate’s New Balanced Leadership movement, all team members are able to showcase their unique skills and contributions in their workplace and within their teams to increase overall innovation and creativity. With the changing roles of women and men in the workplace, a New Balanced Leadership provides organizations with a fundamental understanding on how to emphasize, strengthen, and reward uniqueness and diversity to achieve fresh insights and higher employee engagement.

Your audience will take away:

  • An understanding of how to figure out and communicate one’s innate strengths
  • What can be done immediately that better showcases their competencies
  • How male and female leadership styles differ, and how they can work in harmony
  • Concrete strategies to create a better woman-to-woman working environments



Workshops & Training Modules

Balance Training

What if the only thing you needed to change in your life was the way you think? What if you were exactly where you need to be and it’s the right time and you are doing the right thing? In this session you will find out how a simple time-based concept makes sense of everything at once. Learn how to give yourself permission to not have to do everything all at once, but to let things take a natural course. Find out how to set a main focus and follow your own unique egoRHYTHM®, one of the core ideas of The Women’s Code.

The idea of living a balanced life seems pretty simple and logical. Yet, with all the responsibilities a working woman has to balance, that task can be daunting. Who has the time when so many other things NEED to be done? Most of us don’t get much ME time, but we have to start taking care of ourselves. We know that, but how? And where do we start? This module includes a Balance Training and a step-by-step guide on how to start planning your balanced life TODAY. It’s straightforward and right out of Beate’s own playbook. Accept the mission of SELF CARE and you’ll get your own (Life) Balance Plan and a Take-Care-Of-Myself action sheet. Enjoy!

Woman To Woman

Women who want to advance in organizations often describe the difficulties they face when they get promoted and the lack of support they experience from other women. This module focuses on awareness, support, and collaboration—the Three Pillars of The Women’s Code. Participants will understand how to support other women on the team and how to get better support for themselves. This module is most effective when ALL women on a team take this training.

Superskills Workshop

Many people (including most women) struggle with explaining in objective and factual terms what skill set they bring to the organization. They either lack confidence or do not understand how to do it. The Super Skills Workshop guides team members through the exact steps to identify their super skill and how to create a professional value proposition, which enables them to communicate their contributions and skills more clearly.

Whether you are a business owner or employed, you must be comfortable talking about what you are good at. We can’t offer our services or get bigger job opportunities until we can clearly communicate why we are right for this job.

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with self-improvement. We’re constantly being encouraged to examine our weaknesses and do everything we can to improve upon them. But rather than always focusing on what’s wrong with us, we need to start looking more at what’s right. Being able to identify your strengths, hone them, and then present them to the outside world is key to advancing your career, whether that means convincing your employer that you deserve a promotion or winning new clients for your business.

Your audience will take away:

  • Identify and understand their personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Figure out what they’re naturally good at and how they can use that to advance your career
  • Build their confidence by focusing on the positive aspects of who they are
  • Create a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to identify participant’s Superskills and blind spots
  • Create a convincing Professional Value Proposition
  • Communicate strengths and skills to the team, colleagues, superiors, and clients
Become An Influencer At Work

When it comes to the workplace, many employees are overwhelmed by the power structures and are unsure about how to insert themselves into the decision-making process.

If you want to go from being a follower to a leader, you have to start thinking strategically. Whether you’re an entry-level employee or a seasoned professional, having a well-thought-out strategy and the ability to implement it is critical to getting the opportunities you need to be successful in your career.

This course provides a step-by-step guide to creating a personalized strategic roadmap that will get you where you want to go in work and in life.

Show Up Like A Boss

It’s common for people, particularly introverts, to feel like they aren’t being fully seen or heard at work. They might even experience being bullied, made fun of, or singled out to do the most demeaning office chores.

If you want to be taken more seriously at work, increase your confidence, and feel better about yourself, this course is for you. We’ll take a methodical, business approach to confidence building, helping you develop that skillset in a simple, straightforward, and implementable way. You’ll feel more empowered and able to take charge of your destiny at work.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Build strategic relationships with those who can help advance their careers
  • Improve visibility throughout their organization by connecting with people outside their department
  • Showcase their natural Superskills
  • Collaborate and support other team members
  • Listen to others to gain deeper insights into their needs
  • Be diplomatic throughout all communications
  • Get involved in socially responsible volunteer projects to build connections with likeminded people


Custom Development

Please contact us to consult, support or advise you in how to create your Balanced Leadership training.

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