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Training, tools, and mentoring for balanced, equal, and inclusive work environments

What We Do For You

Organizations know that increasing gender diversity and equality is not only the right thing to do but also has a positive impact on their bottom line. Many companies have some type of equality program in place, but find it is not sufficiently effective.

Gender parity, equal pay, diverse employee retention, and persuading a predominantly white male workforce to buy into your initiatives requires a concerted and consistent effort.

The Women’s Code helps its clients achieve their goal of equality with balanced leadership. Our focus is on designing and delivering the “how” that structures and maximizes existing programs or creates new mentorship and sponsorship initiatives. It has to be clear that this is a benefit to ALL employees, including the men, to be effective.

The Women’s Code does this through professional development and training, customized strategy development, and implementation roll-out. We also provide equality analytics and assessments as part of our engagement solution.

Our Objectives

Attract, Hire & Retain Diverse High Potentials

Create Equal, Desirable & Safe Workplaces

Improve Financial Performance

Achieve ROI & Consistent Growth

Use Cases – Organizations Need Us When:

They need to identify their high potential women and develop their women leadership program.

They have equality quotas/goals that are not being met due to internal resistance and insufficient ‘buy in’.

They are in challenging and disrupted markets where diversity of thought is required to spark creativity and innovation.

Their senior management requires a company-wide mentoring program or an equality initiative that must be created, communicated and executed.

They need to overcome long-standing cultural barriers and persuade men to support women colleagues without feeling alienated.

Team morale and collaboration have suffered as a result of a gender discrimination or sexual harassment lawsuit.

They must communicate effectively and positively about company specific gender topics—compensation, environment, incidents– to media, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.

They want to change their culture and enhance dynamics and communication within teams to include women, millennials and Gen Z employees.

They are looking for or want to sponsor an experienced presenter for an event, breakout session, or training.

Why Our Approach Is Unique

We have a strong background in the creative industry and love good storytelling. What we do is visually engaging, humorous, and interactive. We obsess about how to create and deliver systems and processes that are broken down into simple steps. Everything we do is repeatable and scalable.

We reverse-engineer our approach, which is why we have to understand your objectives and desired outcomes and know your mission, vision, and core values. Because our training is not canned and based on your requirements, we co-create with you, one phase at a time.

To inspire creativity and innovation, we work to break through conformist organizational barriers and spark out-of-the-box thinking. Or, we can help you find new ways to rearrange what’s already inside-the-box.

We have unique ideas. The Women’s Code is an expansion of the existing workplace, which was built by men, for men. We identify the missing ‘Fourth Element’. Our ‘People or Equality Statement’ will tie into your core values, mission, and vision. We know that without engaged and happy people, you can’t innovate or create, and you cannot remain competitive.

While all of this may sound daunting, it is actually quite easy! We love colorful, fabulous people and spirited environments. Plus, we have a sincere desire to see your teams succeed as the very best version of itself in an equal, diverse, and inclusive organization.

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