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Organizations know that promoting gender diversity and equality is not just the right thing to do but it also matters to your bottom line. In our Insights Paper where we’ve looked at and evaluated the statistics we call this Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business.

Many companies started programs yet demand additional effective and innovative programs for faster results. Gender parity, equal pay, and diverse employee retention, and getting a predominantly white male workforce to buy into your initiative to achieve lasting, forward thinking culture change requires a concerted effort. Find out how to work with Beate:

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The Women’s Code has identified the number one overlooked reason why equality programs don’t take off: women’s leadership attributes remain largely undefined in comparison to male leadership attributes. Our solution is simple. We know men and women are not the same and The Women’s Code does not focus on the same. Rather we seek the equivalent. Here is a question that I ask my live audiences: A man who is 6′ and weighs 200 pounds lifts a sand sack that weighs 100 pounds. If a woman who is 5’5″ and weighs 120 pounds does she lift the same or the equivalent weight? (If have difficulties answering that or if a lightbulb just went off, please contact me right away!)

That’s why we start with identifying what we call a unique and customized “Sliding Scale of Leadership Attributes.” Once identified, team members select attributes that they can innately identify with and want to assimilate. This solves many issues because it:

  • Creates additional metrics for performance reviews
  • Empowers employees to build on their strengths
  • Reduces friction between men and women on teams
  • Lessens unconscious bias by focusing instead on skill set and capability
  • Builds employee awareness on each others strengths3
  • Aids in team building
  • Increases innovation and individual ownership
  • Provides new communication methods in the workplace for women and men
  • Gives effective strategies for dealing with difficult employees
  • Delivers better results

In addition The Women’s Code can provide structure for existing sponsor or mentorship programs that identify and develop high potentials. We evaluate and provide guidelines to improve accountability and measurable results.

The Women’s Code supports its clients to achieve balanced leadership. Our focus is designing and delivering the “how” that structures and maximizes existing, or creates new mentor and sponsorship initiatives, and implements new balanced leadership programs. Lasting internal cultural change can only be achieved if everyone buys into your initiative. More than that it has to benefit all employees, including the men, to be effective.

The Women’s Code does this through professional development and training, customized strategy development, and implementation rollout. We can also provide equality analytics and assessments as part of our proposed solution.

To find out which program is right for your company or to simply start a conversation please take a look at the options below or contact us.

“There are a million ways to be successful and you only need to find one – yours.”

Beate Chelette

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Want To Know More About Beate Chelette?

  • One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 – Huffington Post
  • Programming Chair for NAWBO-LA (National Association of Women Business Owners)
  • Built and sold a creative business to Bill Gates
  • Certified Practitioner of Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Assessment Tool
  • Faculty of the Wizard Academy
  • Faculty of CreativeLive
  • Certified Women Owned WBEC and certified Small Business WOSB and SBE
  • Loves skiing, hiking, and hanging out at the beach





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