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Work With Beate

Developing Balanced Leaders and Businesses

How We Implement The Women’s Code:

The Women’s Code consists of three phases, which allows us to learn about the essential focus of your business, internalize your mission, vision and core values and understand your objectives. We offer all the tools needed to achieve success, measure engagement levels and address additional training needs.

Our custom approach works with your organization to co-create a comprehensive plan and guide you through all of the phases needed to develop balanced leadership. We advise you through all the phases, anticipating any possible roadblocks or uncertainty, to smoothly transition your company with onboarding of the program, implementation and continued success.


Phase 1: Uncovery

  • Uncovery session
  • Capabilities briefing
  • Engagement agreement for Phase 2

Phase 2: Pre-Launch

  • Understand objectives and desired outcomes
  • Assess needs and wants of stakeholders, sponsors & champions
  • Gap analysis
  • Co-create communication plan
  • Establish measurables and goals
  • Identify training and 1-on-1 group coaching needs
  • Design training and coaching plan
  • Engagement agreement for Phase 3

Phase 3: Training & Coaching

  • Begin training and individual development plans
  • Launch measurement actions
  • Provide scheduled client updates and frequent check-ins as needed
  • Complete training
  • Review measurements
  • Facilitate de-brief and decide on next steps

“There are a million ways to be successful and you only need to find one – yours.”

Equality Expert Beate Chelette

What Are The Tools of the Women’s Code?

The Women’s Code Helps You Achieve Your Quota, As We Implement Tools That:

  • Lead your executive team, managers and your employees through the ever-increasing complexity of effective gender-neutral collaboration while avoiding legal and ethical risks.
  • Guide you in the ‘build out’ of the other half of your system—enhancing processes and culture of your workplace—originally designed by and for male employees–to be more inclusive of, and relevant to women, millennials and Gen Z employees.
  • Teach you how to foster creativity and innovation within your teams to ensure that your company can achieve a market leading position.
  • Work with you to co-create a custom program that maps your path toward recognition as a ‘best company to work for’ environment.
  • Help you enhance your culture so that all employees engage and are more satisfied, providing an improved return on your investments in the recruitment, training, maintaining and retention of your workforce.
  • Increase your ‘People ROI’ by as much as 66%!

To deliver your gender equality, diversity and inclusion message please check out our delivery methods below:

To Speak With Beate Please Book Your Uncovery Session


How Will We Know The Women’s Code Will Work?

We Measure Our Training

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you do not have internal measurements in place, we propose to bring in a partner who developed a survey tool that uncovers your organization’s baseline engagement levels, along with distinct areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

The survey tool will be customized based on the measurement deliverables uncovered and established in Phase 2. Possibilities include broad or granular deep insights, which can:

  • Demonstrate over time where the organization is getting better, and by how much
  • Short and concise
  • Get a clear measure of level of engagement
  • Evaluate teams, women, men, individual managers, departments, locations
  • Automated reviews for managers
  • Showcase areas of strength and opportunity within the chosen metrics
  • Allow understanding of what to focus on in follow-up trainings

Get started and find out what is needed in your organization so that you can achieve your people goals.

Truly inspiring! Engaging! Pragmatic! Timely! A must for any organization that is serious about empowering women.

James Malinchak

Big Money Entrepreneur





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