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Professional Development For Balanced Leaders


Professional Development For Balanced Leaders

Are you a professional woman Who Wants to Continue To develop Your Skills?

Work with equality expert Beate 1-on-1

Build Your Confidence As A Woman Leader With This Logical Approach

You already are a leader but have realized you want to balance leadership in both your career and personal life in a sustainable way. You have experienced challenges as a woman leader in male dominated industries, as well as with other women. Lately, you hear that voice inside that tells you that it is your time to step it up in a big way.

It’s common for women, particularly introverts, to question our leadership style. If we work in a large organization we may feel like we aren’t being fully seen or heard at work. If you want to be more respected, increase your confidence and hone your leadership style, it’s time to start working with Beate 1-on-1.

“There are a million ways to be successful and you only need to find one – yours!”

Beate Chelette

The 1-on-1 Experience With Equality Expert Beate Chelette

Working with Beate 1-on-1 is right for women who embrace personal development but don’t want to do group events, or online courses. You want to achieve fast results but keep some of your challenges private. 1-on-1 coaching is the fastest way for you to reach your highest performance level. Here are some of the takeaways that you can expect:

  • Knowing how to build strategic relationships with those who can help advance your career
  • Improve your visibility throughout your organization
  • Collaborate with and support your team members better
  • Discover what you’re naturally good at and how you can use that super skill to advance your career
  • Boost in your confidence through focusing on strength-based leadership
  • Create of a convincing Professional Value Proposition
  • Understanding how to communicate your strengths and skills to your team, colleagues, superiors, and clients

(Individual results may vary depending on the program, let’s find the path that is right for you.)

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How Does an Uncovery Session Work?

  • Fill out the Uncovery Session right now
  • Your application is received and reviewed
  • You receive a confirmation notification if a spot is available
  • The Uncovery Session takes place via video conference and lasts 30-45 minutes
  • Click on the button below to learn more about what is included in an Uncovery Session

Click Here To Sign Up For An Uncovery Session

“I cannot thank you enough for participating in our event over the weekend. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about your presentation from the women. They really connected with you.”

Leslee Alexander

CEO and Founder,

This is a methodical, strength-based leadership approach that leads to increased confidence.  Together, we will develop a verbiage that describes your super skill without bragging and you will be able to articulate what you are best at and why you should be given more hot job opportunities, the next promotion or a raise.

When we work together, you’ll walk away with concrete, implementable ideas that will leave you feeling more confident and more empowered to take charge of your teams and your own destiny at work.

Your next step:

Sign Up For An Uncovery Session

and let’s discuss if we are a good fit.





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