Live: Growing Your Brokerage Through Mergers & Acquisition

Join The Conversation: Growing Your Brokerage Through Mergers & Acquisitions with Growth Architect Beate Chelette. October 25, 2019, San Diego

Uncovery Session

Let’s Keep Growing! Apply For An Uncovery Session TODAY!

Uncovery Session

Let’s Keep Growing! Apply For An Uncovery Session TODAY!

Master Balanced Leadership and Unleash Infinite Power

Whether you lead a team or your own company, I’m am offering you some of my most valuable coaching and guidance because I believe in supporting balanced leaders and helping others build a solid foundation for business growth and taking their leadership skills to the next level. As leaders, we always search for ways to grow our teams, businesses, and ourselves. An outside perspective can provide ideas to these questions:

  • What steps to take next?
  • What areas you may need to get “unstuck”?
  • What might be missing in your approach or business plans?

That is why I am inviting you to apply to an Uncovery Session today.

Beate Chelette is a powerful trainer whose personal story of passion, faith, and perseverance led to her ultimate success. Her story will inspire you to new heights and her wealth of wisdom and proven strategies will help you achieve the breakthroughs you’ve been striving for.

Brandon Barnum

Chief Referral Officer & President - Global Referral Marketing System, Lead Generation,

In your no-nonsense Uncovery Session (valued at $497.00) I will walk you through:

  • What can unconsciously sabotage your efforts to balance and increase team engagement and loyalty
  • A targeted, custom plan for your business and the next steps you need to develop your business or team strategy for growth
  • The one simple change you can make RIGHT NOW to get started

Notice: There are only 7 UNCOVERY Sessions per month available. To be considered for a spot, please act immediately! To apply for one of these spots please answer the questions below. The sooner you submit your answers, the better your chances of securing your Uncovery Session. That’s why you want to complete this form TODAY.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”      

Steve Jobs

Please complete this form right away so we can get started.

There are really no words to express my deepest gratitude for your VIP Day on Friday. I am overwhelmed with excitement about what we’ve mapped out for Terri Ross Consulting, more importantly the creativity and structure your day provided for me. You are a master at what you do.

Terri Ross

CEO,, Terri Ross Consulting

Great to connect with you. Very much enjoyed our conversations and I will try to put it into practice with my teams and my work.

Edmund Rogers

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst,, Google





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