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Even if we can’t agree on his stances, can we all admit that Donald Trump is adding a lot of flavor to the political scene? While the political arena often features color and flair, he knocks it out of the ballpark to say the least.

I wrote an article last week about my feelings towards Mr. Trump and his views. Surprise, surprise I received a few responses on LinkedIn that were not so nice. The comments reflect what I recognize when women rattle the establishment—we are told to sit down and be quiet.

My focus is Creative Entrepreneurship and Leadership Balance. My goal is to see women reach 50% representation in executive roles, instead of fiercely competing and sweating bullets in fear of losing the 20% of executive positions or the 2% of board seats that we presently hold. One can argue what he wants, but the numbers are what they are, and they are not good.

The reason the topic of Leadership Balance has to be brought up again and again is because the numbers are declining. Meaning, although the numbers have risen over the past decades, they have slipped and the past two years. The slip needs to stop.

Leadership Balance is not a fad but here to stay, and that means you and I have to speak up. Even if it puts us in the line of fire.

Having said that, I am all about balance and I can see both sides of everything, even Donald Trump. I sat down this morning and pondered over what I have learned from him and came up with this list: 7 lessons I learned from Donald Trump.

1.) The public is bored out of our minds by same old same old stories. Bold statements get you attention. Strange statements delivered with conviction get you A LOT of attention, if that is what you want.

2.) There is no need to invent anything. It’s perfectly okay to take an existing subject and put a new spin on it. Proclaim it loudly because other people might be thinking it, too.

3.) There is a controversial position for every topic. Find it. If you don’t get heard, spin it with an exaggerated headline. If all else fails, add a temper tantrum.

4.) Having an opinion is a good thing. Gone are the days of timid, politically correct tip-toeing. Give them something to talk about. In marketing we call it top of mind awareness. Tweet your opinion frequently.

5.) Keep it personal. Make it about the person, not the message.

6.) Show no fear. When you step into the limelight, there will be haters. Grow a thick skin and continue to express your opinion.

7.) Take on touchy subjects that everyone else is afraid of. The road to success will open wide if you have the guts to tackle them.

Although I am admittedly chuckling as I write this, there is truth to it. A lot of publicity and marketing tricks are utilized in political campaigns as well as business and brand development.

Whether or not this emperor has any clothes remains to be seen. But for you and me in the meantime, let’s learn how having an opinion and taking a stance get can you fame and fortune, if that is what you aspire.

If you have any other lessons you learned from Donald Trump will you please share them? And to the haters who don’t like a woman to say what she thinks about a man who is a 10 on the outrageous scale: Get over it. You are just making me famous.

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