Live: How To Sell More and Feel Good About It June 13, 2019

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Just a short while ago I was hanging out with Christine Bronstein  founder and CEO of ABOW (A Band of Women) and the fierce Leila Radan in San Francisco. We recorded this video about “Can Women Have a Balanced Life?”

Both, Leila and Chris have read Happy Woman Happy World and have generously and passionately offered support in helping me to spread my message. That is what happens when women follow our Code – we collaborate, we support, and we stand up for each other 100%.

In the video below we are discussing the ever present question busy women have… can we really have it all, is it doable to aim for the corner office when we have to pick up the little ones at 5 p.m. every day. I am sharing a very personal story – the day I almost lost my daughter. Very emotional!

Check it out and let me know if you think that you can have it all, and where you have learned to set a Main Focus – perhaps intuitively?

If you are in San Francisco, please mark the date, I will be at the Book Passage on December 4th for a special book reading and live training. And if you want to get your copy of Happy Woman Happy World – order it today on Amazon.

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