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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

Having it all is, ultimately, a path you take.

You choose where you begin your hike — at the base of a mountain or perhaps with a walk around a lake. It’s likely that you’re not entirely sure what you’ll find along the path. You could encounter unexpected hurdles and detours. There might be things you experience that you did not expect. You could meet someone you know or even make a new friend. There are vistas along the way that either give you a clear big-picture view or that permit only a glimpse of a few feet ahead of you.

In each instance, this is the path you have chosen for a reason and you keep going. It doesn’t matter why you chose to take this path. It could be because you wanted to exercise, spend time with someone, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

This thought illustrates the point I’m making with these posts: my methods, ideas and concepts. No path is the same. And the reasons we choose a particular path are different for each person. But we all set on a journey that we hope will get us to where we want and bring us the enjoyment of the experience. Just like you decide to walk or hike — you must decide how each aspect of your journey applies to your own life.

Getting that great view from the mountaintop will be a more strenuous experience in comparison to a walk around the lake. Only you can determine what you will be satisfied with. There is no judgment of which way is better as long as you made that choice consciously and choose to take that path and everything that comes with it. Remember you can always pick a different route if the one you are on does not suit you anymore.

We all want the same basic things; happiness, fulfillment, inner and outer peace, friends, family, health and money to support our lifestyles. But where we are different is in the details. You should have some sort of an idea what makes you happy so that you can pursue it. Additionally, you have to know the answer to the question what are you willing to do to get to your destination?

I was always clear that I wanted to be a mom, have an impact on the world with my work, do something global, have a great relationship and the intimacy that comes with it, and money to support my lifestyle. I wanted to live in a house that I own, drive a car that I like, and do the things I choose to do. I have all of that and then some!

What does your destination look like? If you want to say as I say: I have it all, you will need to know what “having it all” means for you. Thanks for sharing!


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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