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Why is it that every time a woman steps into a position of power or takes on a daring task, we must find as many things wrong with her as possible? What is the reason for this? Let’s take a look at the unfolding Megyn Kelly affair and why I am not having any of it. (She’s a blonde bimbo that I wrote about earlier.)

The subject of women not supporting other women, and media outlets ripping women to pieces, makes me mad as hell. This dilemma is one that I have witnessed for many years and it is the reason I created The Women’s Code.

Here is the story. Megyn Kelly first stepped into the spotlight in 2016 when Donald Trump made sexist and inappropriate remarks about her after she co-moderated a presidential candidate interview. The comments were cruel and vile and no man would dare call another man something comparable.

Megyn Kelly left Fox News to run her own talk show on NBC. Her first interview was with Vladimir Putin. Let’s be clear, no journalist could find a bigger score. It simply does not get any bigger than that.

And what do we do?

We engage in a conversation about how disappointed we are that she didn’t push Putin hard enough. We said she wasn’t aggressive enough on the tough questions.

This is baffling to me. I have worked in journalism, so I know a few things about interviews. The job of an interviewer is built on relationships. Meaning, you approach every interview as a partner to your guest, not as an enemy. The quality of the interview depends on your ability to make the person comfortable. Often, you and your guest agree beforehand which topics will be discussed and what is off limits. It is common practice for celebrities to exclude certain topics or only answer pre-approved questions. If you violate their wishes, they are likely to walk out and you are left with a destroyed reputation and few people left to talk to. One mistake can cost you an entire career.

You must consider the intelligence and the objective of your interviewee. In this case, Vladimir Putin is a former super spy, the current President of the Russian Federation, his enemies seem to mysteriously disappear or die, and he has strategically outsmarted entire countries by meddling with their affairs behind the scenes.

Megyn Kelly somehow managed to get this person to sit down and agree to an interview. And we are upset that she’s not asking hard enough questions? That thought process is so ridiculous that I don’t have anything else to say about it.

This past weekend I was at the Supermarket and glanced at the headlines in the checkout lane. People magazine picked up a story from the National Enquirer, the world’s most dishonest and trashiest publication. Yet People runs with the story about Kelly’s decade-long plastic surgery addiction to the tune of $1.4 million.

I would be laughing if this wasn’t so sad. The systematic destruction (based on nonsense) of women who are the trailblazers of our times must be stopped. We are better than this.

We have to eradicate and deny our permission to take another woman down, even if she is controversial. Especially one who is making the way for many more women journalists to fight through a male-dominated and sexist industry called The Media. And I know, because I’ve been in that business. Our stories are not pretty.

To change the way women are perceived, we have to become that change. This is what Gandhi famously said and it has resonated with me since I first heard it.

Let’s not participate in discussions that take other women down. Let’s not buy the trash magazines. Let’s not engage in conversations of 140 characters that demean women.

I am not having any of it, and I hope you won’t either. To step into leadership as women we need to have each others’ backs and stand on each others shoulders. Let’s discuss the facts, and let’s not give permission to divert away from the real issues we face. Equality—not cat fights.

And to Megyn Kelly, while I don’t agree with all of your views, I respect and admire you. I will continue to cheer you on and I certainly will have your back. Because what you are doing is pretty fabulous.


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