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Sometimes we hit a bump in the road. And after our initial reaction our internal voice suggest ever so slightly: “It’s you – not them.”

Lately I’ve been dealing with… well… life. My daughter is moving which causes me sleepless nights and a lot of worry. I thought that when they are adults that my job is done but that is whole other story.

What I want to share with you is one of the tools we can use to get back to center. Here is where the words of Guy Finley come in who reminds me ofThe Illusion of Limitation… and suggests The Liberation of Self

Because I like his work and find him refreshingly simple and trustworthy I want to share two resources over the next two days that can support you to break free and be the person you were meant to be.

If you:

  • Ever feel like something is holding you back from saying what you want, doing what you want — from just being yourself?
  • Are tired of feeling as though your highest aspirations have been tucked away into a little box, when you know that your heart and mind are meant to soar?

Then I invite you to a generous gift Guy Finley has made available ONLY to my readers in the launch of his new series that I will share in two days.

But for now:

For 30 years, self-realization teacher Guy Finley has offered guidance in achieving this higher state of awareness.

One of the most powerful transforming talks he’s recorded are available to you for Free in The Illusion of Limitation, a 7-MP3 audio album that can change forever your perception of yourself and your life. Go ahead and download the series at:

The Illusion of Limitation: The Liberation of Self!

Why does this matter?

The truth is, if you knew who you really were, life would be much, much easier…

Daily struggles would be simple hills to climb, instead of mountains in your way. And you couldn’t feel inadequate, because you would never compare yourself to others. All forms of self-inflicted painful stress would simply disappear.

Guy says, all you have to do is release everything that isn’t really you.

Imagine that you could:

  • Turn what limits you into what liberates you
  • Free yourself from stress, fear, and worry
  • Enjoy richer relationships, and brighter, happier days
  • Act rightly, decisively, and without regret
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • Maximize your creative energies
  • Achieve real results with less effort, in less time
  • Live in the deep abiding peace of a quiet mind

Let’s do this together. I myself need a boost to manage this crazy stress. I, too want to let go of other peoples demands on me and liberate myself.

Are you in?

Only for the next 72 hours can receive this powerful MP3 album for free! Again, it’s only because Guy is launching a new program and he is committed to helping you to breakthrough. Download it right away.

Learn how to let go and live fearlessly! Guy Finley will show you how. Then nothing will ever stand in your way again. Not even yourself!

Use the link below to sign up now.

Your higher self will thank you!

Thanks in advance.

Let’s grow!


P.S. This is a REAL product that is currently for sale on Guy’s site for $24.95 — and I’ve arranged for you to receive it for FREE! But only for 72 hours. So download the series now.

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