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By Beate Chelette

I’ll be taking my code to Texas.

Although many women joined me for the very first Women’s Code Conference in California last March, and many others are continuing to discover online about our work on behalf of helping women find balance in their lives, I’ve got a great opportunity for anyone who’s going to be in or around Austin, Texas, in early January.

I’m speaking at the fabulous Wizard Academy, that teaching institution for all things wonderful and insightful and counterintuitive that Roy H. Williams founded. Roy himself teaches enlightening courses on everything from “Da Vinci and the 40 Answers,” which provides techniques and perspectives that offer you the keys to innovation, to “Magical Worlds and Advanced Thought Particles,” in which Roy teaches you how to tweak any form of communication – literature, music, painting, architecture, etc. – for higher levels of impact.

As for me, I’ll be there as a guest speaker for the academy’s First Friday, when it opens its doors free to the community once a month, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. You can not only discover the Wizard Academy, you’ll have a chance to hear me outline the Women’s Code.

I know that if you’re reading my blogs, you have some acquaintance with The Women’s Code, which I created after a life in business – as both an employee and an entrepreneur, as a woman, mother, wife and all-around seeker of wisdom – and which I introduced to women earlier this year.

But I’ll be talking in Austin about how the Women’s Code can be incorporated into the lives of women, and of the men who love them. This is only a teaser for the full-fledged Women’s Code course, gut you’ll get a taste of some of the insights that I myself have learned through my career.

These include:The Women’s Code Goes on the Road

  • How to recognize the “rhythms” of your life, so that you can understand that everything has a time and place for you
  • How to learn to forgive yourself – and to forgive others – for their actions
  • How to trust other women
  • How to have it all

There’s a lot more – but come to Austin to find out!

Your coach,


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