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Last month a business owner called me to inquire about my coaching services. I took a look at his company website and immediately saw a problem. His visual presentation was a mess, disorganized and confusing with a variety of links to other sites and it was difficult to figure out what his specialty was. I could tell he was surprised by my assessment and he told me he expected his clients to “figure it out.” Besides, he went on, all those linked sites were helping him get business.

“Then why are you calling me?” I asked.

Connecting and buying from you has to be the easiest thing on the planet. Your website is your on-line marketing tool, and not your office manager. You’d be amazed at how many sites I see that inadvertently give the impression that a particular professional does not want to be contacted by a client. Seems counter-productive, I know, but it happens. Or it’s not at all clear how to buy a product or service from a site. Sometimes the problem is a lack of contact information or buyer’s instructions. Other times it’s a matter of bad copywriting or a confusing visual layout.

Best Website Tips

* Is your Contact Me, Get Your Free Consultation or Get Your Free Quote prominently visible?
* Can prospective clients see who else you’ve worked with? Testimonials reinforce the idea that you and your product or service stand out in your industry, and that you are wonderful to work with.
* Does your contact phone number and email appear on every single page? They should.
* Convey clearly on your site that you like and want to connect with your clients or buyers.
* Recreate your customer’s experience by Googling your name and seeing what comes up. If the results are not what you’d like your customers to see, for example your site is not included in the first five Google listings, hire an SEO specialist.
* Consider hiring a new website designer or copywriter, as original, well-written content is one of the most important elements of a great website. Consider these tips as well.

In short, if your Google result is anything other than what you think it should be, fix it. Your site is a reflection of you, after all, so make it the best it can be. Create a professional, customer friendly experience and then get ready for more clients!

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